Commercial Construction

Your Partner in Commercial Construction

As one of New England’s leading commercial contractors, Pariseault Builders has earned an industry-wide reputation for consistently delivering quality projects on-time and on-budget.

The team at Pariseault takes great pride in every aspect of the project from pre-construction to completion. With a deep understanding of the building trade, Pariseault realizes that direct involvement, leading technology and environmentally friendly building practices are crucial components to success in today’s commercial construction industry.

Helping Business Grow in the Local Community

Pariseault Builders believes in the teamwork approach to building which includes maintaining strong working relationships with business owners, architects and sub-contractors. While Pariseault performs many phases of projects with a field staff of over 30 employees, it is the network of carefully selected sub-contractors and suppliers, many of whom have worked with the company for generations, that are equally responsible for our success.

Customize – Choose a tailored plan to match your company’s unique brand and needs

Update – Design a modernized look for the interior, exterior, or complete business space

Refresh – Upgrade your building with new amenities to create a comfortable environment

Reconfigure – Reconfigure the floorplan to accommodate growth and changes in your business

Save – Build for the future. Become knowledgeable of cost saving options such as efficient HVAC systems and eco-friendly lighting. Energy efficient buildings save money on monthly utility bills and have lower maintenance costs

Proceed – We specialize in remodeling occupied spaces which means you can continue your daily business without interruption