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Historical Home Renovation RI by Pariseault Builders

The Past Meets the Present with Historical Restorations

Pariseault Builders is the trusted name in Southern New England to give your historical property the specialized attention and care it requires during the rehabilitation process.

Our multi-talented team of over 20 professional supervisors and carpenters specializes in full historical restoration of residential homes and historical buildings. We understand the many intricacies involved in the historical preservation process and work hand in hand with property owners to deliver a product of unsurpassed quality that blends seamlessly with existing aesthetics.

Preserving History is a Delicate Process

Our renovation strategy to blend new with the old is simple – disturb as little as possible, and preserve as much as possible. Our goal is to honor the past by matching the original craftsmanship while providing our clients with a property that meets modern living standards.

Historical Home Remodeling Rhode Island
•  Structurally Sound – Bring foundation, footings and structure up to today’s
    building codes
•  Modern Amenities – Upgrade plumbing & electric, communications,
    entertainment and security
•  Comfortable Living Space – Install energy efficient HVAC, zone heating, doors,
    windows & insulation
•  Preserve the Details – Reuse historical woodwork and period elements
•  Replace What Was Lost – Ability to precisely recreate architectural details
•  Long-term Property Maintenance – Protect your investment for years to come

Start restoring your cherished property...

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Historical Home RI Project Gallery

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Pariseault Builders
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